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— A local sorority at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst


Founded in 1962, Iota Gamma Upsilon is one of the oldest local sororities in the country. Sisters gain leadership skills because there is no national organization to dictate how the house should be run.  Many alumnae have applied what they've learned at IGU to become successful leaders and businesswomen.

Leaders in training at IGU!

Talk about stability: IGU has outlasted many of the national sororities that were on campus in 1962. It's run solely with the support of dedicated alumnae who think it's important for students to find an anchor and safe haven on a large campus.

Friendships made at IGU last a lifetime — through thick and thin.

The sisters of Iota Gamma Upsilon are a diverse group of young women on their way to the future.  As sisters of the sorority they learn about responsibility and cooperation. At the same time they gain independence and forge life-long friendships. Scholarship and philanthropy are emphasized. 

If you're a student at UMass and looking for a place where women are going places, consider IGU. Our house, ideally located close to campus, is at 406 N. Pleasant St.

Sisters love spending time together Iota Gamma Upsilon sisters of the University of Massachusetts enjoy a winter day at their home 

Iota Gamma Upsilon featured in Summer 2012 UMass Alumni Magazine

The article titled, "A Different Kind of Sorority: IGU turns 50" is about the sorority's May 2012 50th anniversary party.

A photo (shown at right) accompanying the story shows three of the IGU founding sisters on the front steps. In the photo, from left to right are: Sue Morash Powers '65, Ginny Mallison Stibolt '65, and Lynne Knubbe Montross '65. They are still actively involved in IGU.

If you're an IGU alumna, make sure you're not on the missing IGUs list and if you know anyone listed please have them contact us at igu@iotagammaupsilon.com

Alumnae celebrated IGU's 50th!

More than 200 sisters and alumnae celebrated IGU's 50th Anniversary in a big way May 4–6, 2012!

From the Fraternity and Sorority Weekly:

 On the weekend of May 4-5-6, close to 300 alumnae members of Iota Gamma Upsilon Sorority returned to campus to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the sorority. On Saturday afternoon, alumnae met at Memorial Hall for a ritual celebration in the location where some of the early activities of the sorority took place. On Saturday night, a banquet took place at the Marriott Center, where past presidents were recognized, younger members got to meet the actual founders of the sorority, and stories were shared about how sisters met their husbands through the sorority and how some things just came to be for the chapter (daffodils are the flower because someone liked daffodils). So much history—of the sorority, the Greek system, and the University was in that room; it was truly a “once in a 50 years” experience. On Sunday afternoon, members met at the chapter house for a brunch under the tent. Local sorority and fraternity chapters are not a part of many campuses, so having Iota Gamma Upsilon for 50 years is truly significant and an accomplishment.

Thank goodness 16 young women had the courage to meet the Dean of Women in 1962, and the rest, as they say...

If you haven't read the L O N G View IGU essays page, do so now in honor of our 50th!

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